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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
Just to be clear, to those who mentioned Tim Sylvia, while Timmy Chonga may well be debuting in Dream on March 22nd, he will not be fighting Josh Barnett.

His management turned down the fight with Barnett already.

I'd like to see that matchup, too, personally. But the reality is, Tim needs to get some confidence back before he steps in with someone who's a legit gamer. Despite the steroid use, Barnett's a legit gamer.

The problem with Dream right now is that they don't really have any legit heavyweights for Barnett to fight. Their heavyweight title is vacant and their "superhulk" champion is a middleweight who, lets face it, would be horribly murdered by Barnett if the two ever fought.

All of the good fighters who'd be a test for Barnett who might have ended up in Dream are currently on the Strikeforce brand. Arlovski, Overeem, Werdum and Antonio Silva all make for interesting fights with Barnett, but the chances that he's going to fight any of them in the near future seem pretty slim.
Very nice sum up on the situation! + Rep, and i wonder if that whole not showing up for his steroid thing, or teh steroid thing in general had anything to do with going to Dream instead of SF, where someone of his caliber would make more sense....

I mean to win non taxed prize money is awesome and no REAL competition is nice, but the dude honestly thought he was going to beat Fedor that night, and it seemed like to me he wanted to prove himself...

So thats the only reason im thinking he went to Dream for some other reason then Money and basically unchallenged wins...

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