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Playing Favorites

Originally Posted by IronMan @ Warrior's Zen
I debated posting this where I do the bulk of my MMA-centric work, but since this is more personal and less focussed on the current climate of the sport, I figure itís appropriate just to post it here.

When I get into serious conversations about the sport with friends, I constantly get accused of hating on certain fighters, or loving certain fighters too much. Any maybe thatís true. There are definitely guys I donít like, thought I like to think my beef is generally rational, and not purely emotional.

Often, though, I defend my position by pointing out that my favorite fighters are pretty distant from the guys I think are the best in the world. There are exceptions, but most of the guys that I really like are far from the top of the rankings, even my rankings. The guy I generally consider my favorite fighter is sort of the case in point: Minowaman.

Thereís a tradition among sumo fans that the favorite competitor should not be a guy at the top of the heap, since itís easy to be a fan of a yokozuna. Itís tough to be a fan of a guy when heís not at the top of the heap, because it means having to keep awe somewhat proportional to performance. I donít mind being a fan of a guy who started his career 1-8-1, because when I look at his career, the numbers are what I care about anyway.

The numbers are criteria for talking about who I think is the best in the world. But when I deal with who I like to watch, who I root for, the criteria is totally different.
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