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Originally Posted by CharlieZ View Post
well Im a Boxer too But i am studying jiu jitsu... I thought if I keep it stand Up and rely to land a big Bomb and win by KO yea i can do that but im taking a chance if I miss then ill get taken down so might as well take them down and try to gnp them its alot easier if I go for the early take down and just sweep them off and ground and Pound them. shit thats what they teach me in jiu jitsu ... if U wanna end a fight quicker thats the way to go i think dont u agree?
Not for me. That takes a lot of time and early in a fight guys are going to be a lot harder to take down. When I was in jiu jitsu taller guys had a hell of a time taking me down. But when I start getting tired it gets easier and easier, if I ever went for the take down it would be later in the fight when I'm/they're tired and I'm looking for a break and an easy take down.

Of course a good wrestler/bjj guy would probably kick my ass in a sanctioned fight.

I've been in a few fights and most ended in less than a minute. Hands with speed are killers.

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