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Originally Posted by CharlieZ View Post
so lets say Im fighting a Boxer just like my self. and I know Jiu Jitsu and he doesnt. then what? go for the take down and GNP???
How do you know exactly what this guy knows? Never underestimate an opponent, most MMA folks has some ground game knowledge, may it be wrestling, sambo, bjj or whatever..

I don't know how much skills you possesses on the ground but you started out BBJ not so long ago?

If you have the better standup there is no reason for you to go to the ground with it. However if you are losing the standup I think that you might want to consider taking him to the ground, as a last resort. You said you want to GnP him out.. Have you ever tried hitting something on the ground? Its slightly different from standing up and hitting stuff.. If no, try hitting some bag or something you put on the floor.

But I like the idea of Chileandude, a early takedown can give your opponent the impression that you isn't frightened to go the the ground, that could possible make him frightened to take you down or something (unless ofc he dominates you once on the ground).. I think once its time for fight you will just feel if going for a takedown is the right thing vs this opponent or not.. If the guy go for some lock, make sure you tapout in time so you don't get hurt, Ive seen a guy break his arm, its not pretty..
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