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I am not well versed in training, but for me circut training works great as an areobic/cardio workout. Lower the weight, 30 reps a set, one to two excercises per body part. Max rest is 30 secs (moving between excercises in gym). I also do some plyometric excercises at home to elevate heart rate. Jumping rope is great as well as power bands. I am a big boy and am down to 375, I'm 6'5" luckily. I was well over four hundred. I know that is far from a mma fighter. I will get back into shape. Muscle confusion is ideal. I am not trying to build so I am using this technique to burn fat, and build lean muscle mass. When I was in the military I was doing pyamids mostly, and that is where I got my power, but I would still mix in circut, and low weiht high rep days. I think you both have great points of view, but for arguements sake this is a power forum.
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