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Technique was straight ankle lock, from inside of their guard with one shield up and in their groin, trap leg by hooking arm around and under, gripping right at the ankle with hand locked under the other. Step up with free leg and plant foot on their chest, then fall back, pulling while twisting torso to face the mat. Then 2 escapes. With either, lock foot so that it's not going to straighten out and sit up. With the first escape pull their foot and hip to the open side, pulling into a mount. The other one uses the other hand to pull their foot the other way, planting it on the mat, leg swings over so you're facing around, then either run out or spawl into side control.

In rolling I did alright. First guy I was dominant and landed a kimura starting from side control and ending in reverse mount. Then got a kimura sweep and for pretty much the first time swung around and went from the kimura sweep to actualy finishing the kimura in reverse mount. I think that's all I got on him.

Next guy was one of my better training partners who's fighting on the card I was trying to get on in the 17th. We were in a pissing match to take the other guy down so I just sucked it up and pulled guard. Got a nice submission from guard with an overhook controlling an arm, as he bent it to pull it free I trapped it and cranked. Quick tap That's the submission that I hurt my shoulder on in jiu jitsu like last week. I never thought I'd even us that submission, guess I was wrong. Also from guard as he was standing I kept on an arm and tried to do the sweep Kajan was showing me when they stack you in an armbar, he tapped before I could sweep. Awesome. The time between when I learn something and when I can use it is really shortening. Spent the rest of the round in my guard trying to work for something but I was truly stuck for the rest of the round and ate a few punches. Last guy was a new kid who was strong as **** and I basically sat on top of half guard while he squeezed the hell out of me. I had nothing as far as getting free, and he even swept me. I managed to get mount somehow by the end of the round but damn he was strong.

Good class but I wasn't feeling phenomenal, thank god this week is almost over and I can sleep in tomorrow. I got a nice fat lip today. Tonight I get to use a co-worker's hottub so I am a happy camper.

Lifting + BJJ tomorrow.
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