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Originally Posted by SpartanElite_MX
I have been watching/analizying lots of fights from the top fighters, like Cro Cop, Fedor, Shogun, Wanderlei, etc. and I try yo see how do they do the submissions, the way they throw the punches when they KO someone, the way they dodge punches, etc, the question is, will this help me increase my skill/ability in case I get in a street fight/?

Like getting the best from each one, CC strikes, Fedor's submissions, Shogun's stomps, Rampage's grapples, Silva's knees, could this really help me in a fight?

No not really.
I used to tell this to kids who took "karate" at the YMCA and i say it to you now.
You can watch or study fighting all day long, but at the end of the day it doesnt prepare you for getting punched in the face. You want help getting better at fighting?
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