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Squats 6,6,6 @ 235lbs
Deadlifts 6,6,6 @ 235lbs
DB Bench 6,6,4 @ 85lbs
Weighted Chin Ups 6,6,5 @ b/w+25lbs

AB Complex
Weighted Twist Crunch 20,20@45lbs
Reverse Crunch 15,15@25lbs
Cable Crunch 20,20@75kgs
AB Plank 1:40, 1:40

Good workout, kept the same weights because last weeks was noticeably difficult. More weight to squats and DLs next week. Ab circuit felt extra brutal today. Body weight is about 212lbs.

Showed up just in time to roll. Had a half guard with a blue belt, eventually passed and got a kimura from side, first time he turtle and rolled me over. Tried again and finished it. Next blue I rolled twice. First roll I kept his back for most of the round but couldn't finish. His defense was too active to get Saulo's move. Second round I got mount and finished with an americana and an armbar. I think I had another roll with someone else but I don't remember it. After class I joined in on some no gi with Dave and two purples. We switched off doing 2 minutes stand up with everyone. I got mostly worked. When I finally did dart around and get a single leg on Dave he did the typical kimura thing where no matter where I take him down, he's in side control tapping me with a kimura. Probably tapped about 4 times to the same sub. The purples posed other threats, one almost finished me in a standing guillotine but my ego made me fight through it. Then we drilled leg locks on one of the purples because his next fight is apparently a leg lock guy. Then we shark tanked him. Good times. I'm so sore.
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