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Originally Posted by SpartanElite_MX
I have been watching/analizying lots of fights from the top fighters, like Cro Cop, Fedor, Shogun, Wanderlei, etc. and I try yo see how do they do the submissions, the way they throw the punches when they KO someone, the way they dodge punches, etc, the question is, will this help me increase my skill/ability in case I get in a street fight/?

Like getting the best from each one, CC strikes, Fedor's submissions, Shogun's stomps, Rampage's grapples, Silva's knees, could this really help me in a fight?
Well... I'm a big fan of studying video to see how good fighters do things. But as far as just watching fights and not actually training, I think the most tangible thing you will realize and learn from doing that and emulating those people in a street fight is this:

You will find out very quickly that YOU ARE NOT Cro Cop, Fedor, Shogun, Rampage, etc. Unfortunately this realization will probably be accompanied by some sort of violent beating at the hand(s) of people in a setting far removed from a cage or ring sans referees, restarts, warnings or disqualifications. Besides, those fighters were able to obtain the sort of skills they utilize in the ring/cage from years of constant training and from being superior athletes.

So if all you do is watch fights and not train, you'll probably learn just enough to get yourself hurt.

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