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Originally Posted by swpthleg View Post
My second question was rhetorical, and we do want to hear why you like Japanese crowds better.
Oh swp there are so many reasons! IronMan pointed out just a few, but the list is endless if you ask me..

It's the whole mentality from the Japanese and Asian people in general. They are all raised so differently to the Western population. They actually know what Respect means and how to Respect ppl for what they are doing. They don't bash them for no reason..

Look the Americans or Western ppl in general booh on somebody, who just gave the public one of the greatest MMA fights ever. But the only thing these dumb ppl are doing, is to booh them out for no reason.
Asian's will never do this, because of there whole mentality and education wich is so beautiful.

They still actually now how to treat a human being, a thing we never really learned or lost a long long time ago.

Another thing is, that the whole growd on a UFC event for example, is drunk after the second undercard fight. They start fighting on there own seats or screaming **** to the fighters. The alcohol makes them even more stupid, like they already are.
But the Japanese or the Asian civilisation in general however, would never drink as much that they can't control there own actions anymore! They would lose there face in front of everybody, if they would start acting like these Americans-Western faults. They would feel embarrassed when Western ppl are proud of these kind of actions.

We can learn so much from there mentality and great behaviour, but every Western stamped them and calls them weird or crazy.

But the thing is, it's the exact opposite!
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