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Originally Posted by baz00ca do realize this was a joke right? don't think Buo was even attempting to catch anything, but the fish seem to jump right in just like Sesame Street. here fishy fishy fishy

Yeah, ! Right you are!
This is just all too easy, I feel guilty almost.
Funny seeing those "know-it-alls"... cough, Kirkardo...make a fool of themselves I guess he deserves it for calling me retarded, now I feel oh so much better...

Originally Posted by Kirkardo
HIS THIS GUY COMPLETLEY RETARDED. Sanchaz was very lucky to even last that round. Off night BULLS**T he got pounded the whole time and there is no way that Dana will ever give eddie a rematch. The only person thast didnt have an off night is probably you becasue you probably worked and missed the fight becasue if you saw it, you would of know that on or off night eddie would of been pounded LIKE HE DID

I hope you get it by now?

courtesy of Stevezur
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