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Originally Posted by Satori View Post
I LOVE the fact that win or loose the Japanese fans respect an effort, IF a fighter gives it all it has he is much respected even if he looses, here all you have to do is after a great fighter looses even if he gives it all come to the forums and see all the BS folks talk, folks are wanting him to retire say he is washed up or to old or what not ---we have much to learn---
Now, I don't think it's that American fans don't respect the effort. They definitely have respect for fighters who go to war. Guida after the Diego Sanchez fight got a ton of respect.

I agree that fans don't know how to react to losses.

A loss doesn't drop a fighter from the top ten. The guy's not done because he lost a tough fight or suffered an injury.

Miguel Torres has two losses. His career's not over. He's not even out of the top ten. Serra had two losses at welterweight (to GSP and Hughes, no less) and everyone was saying he should drop down to 155.

Franklin lost to Anderson twice and faced a huge amount of pressure to leave the middleweight division because he couldn't be a title contender there anymore.

So, yeah, the American standards for when I fighter should give up or go to a different division are completely unrealistic and more than a little ridiculous, even in instances where the fighter responds and goes somewhere else.

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