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Originally Posted by BlacklistShaun View Post
I've always been of the impression that the hardest guys to teach BJJ too are strong guys who spend a lot of time weight lifting. They are hard to teach because they end up relying on strength all the time. It might work for a while, but eventually everyone else's technique starts getting better and theirs does not and before long they can't win a match.

Remember the more muscle you have the more oxygen you need to keep those muscles going. Big guys normally don't take long to gas and it's harder to get to that point where you don't gas. The only way I know to stop gassing while rolling is just rolling more.

The more skill you get the less you are going to gas as well. When I was a white belt I would gas often because I would use power, but I would use it all the time. When I got my blue I finally realized that I had to pick my moments when it came to using power. Sure you can use power, but you have to be smart and not wear yourself down.

Work on the technique and try not to use power, even if it means you lose some matches. If you lose, so's class, it doesn't matter. Focus on the technique and give it time.
In Judo, the first rule of Randori(sparring) is: There is no winning or losing in Randori.
The concept of victory or defeat should be removed from one's mind during training.

"He who defeats himself is the mightiest warrior" - Confucius(I think)
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