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Hey, its been a week. And I'm ****ed up again!(not drunk, just broken)

I don't remember my food intake over the past week, though I suspect it is was as terrible as my diet has been usual. Though this morning I ate nada and my stomach has yet to growl, but I do feel the edges of hunger coming on... I think I will stick with the whole, minimum food intake=less fattiness theory, it seems logical. That said I'm going down to one meal in the evening. Its not healthy since it makes the body go into survival mode, but its necessity at this point.

Workout wise over the past week its been more of the same. Heian Shodan 2 is beginning to fall into mucle-memory. I've been doing 25 Drills and shadowboxing as well as just slugging the bag. I also did some weight lifting again and added lunges to my wights workout.

I bought myself a gi off of the internet. I look funny as hell in it, like the stereotypical chunky karate guy. I gotta loose the gut, my ****in belt is barely long enough to tie and have a bit hanging down...neish geit in any way...

As for the brokenness, my gma's wonderful dog decided to go ape-shit and when I tried to wrangle him, I kicked an oak tv stand perty hard, now one of my toes is broken(3) and another is really sore(4) on my right foot. So no more lead/rear right leg roundhouses, or katas, or leg workouts until it starts to heal. So I guess I'm gonna be gettin' my swell on for a couple weeks...awesome.
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