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Damn it. No one has replied to your post. I didn't really want to, because my views on weight lifting are not orthodox. But I don't want your post to go without a reply.

Alright, I'm going to try to make this quick. Not that that is easy.

This is my system. I'm just going to explain it for the upper body. It's easy to figure out how to apply it to other muscle groups.

For the upper body, there are four kinds of exercises: pulling something towards you (bicep curls, rowing exercise), pushing something away from you (bench presses, tricep dips), pulling something down towards you (lat pull downs, pull ups), pushing something up, above you (shoulder presses, flys). In each workout do, one set of exercises from each group. The point of doing it like this is to make sure that you get a balanced workout and to make sure that you are working all of the main functional movements you have to make. Every week or two, change the exercises you are doing in each group

Second, there are two ways of doing sets- endurance, and strength/explosiveness. With endurance, you do a very high number of repetitions with a low weight and not much rest, and with strength and low number of repetitions, resting as you need to. An endurance set might be 5 sets of 14-16 at 50% of the your comfortable limit for a single push. A strength set might be 3 sets of 6-8 reps at 80-90% of your comfortable limit for a single push. In my system, every week you exercize three motions using endurance sets, and one motion doing strength sets. Then you move on. Got it?

So it would be like

Week 1:
Endurance- Pulling towards (bicep curls), Pushing away (bench presses), pulling down (lat pulldowns)
Strength- Pushing up (shoulder presses)

Week 2:
Endurance- Pulling towards (rowing), pushing up (flys), pushing away (tricep curls)
Strength- Pulling down (pullups)

(Note that some exercises, like pullups and tricep dips, where you are moving your whole bodyweight, are great for strength but not really suitable for endurance- the weight is too heavy.)

The other part of my system is to maximize exercises that develop core strength (which is basically just the power to straighten your spine when it is under pressure to sag). To do this you need to do the following
- Reduce the number of fixed weight exercises (they totally ignore the core)
- Try to do standing exercises
- Try to do exercises where you become unbalanced (e.g. do bicep curls or standing shoulder presses with one arm at a time- as you become unbalanced you have to work your core to stay straight)
- Try to to exercises where the weight is difficult to stabilize

As a matter of form, never let your lower back sag and your upper body collapse- that means your core is not working.

So, anyway, that is my system. You would need to add leg exercises as well- starting off by thinking what the basic motions of the leg are.
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