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Now im not gonna say I know what exactly happened but I noticed acouple things.
1. Renzo was definantly winning rounds 1 and 2

2.The knees looked intentinal (to me)

3.Shamrock didnt seem to care when he loss

So this leaves me with one question...Whats worst loosing fair and sqaure or getting DQed so you could get a second chance at a fight your appearing to loose?

Now this may not be the case but do you think its possible Frank knew he was loosing and DQed himself knowing he could get a rematch? I mean he didnt seem to give a crap he loss the fight, he could have actaully been releaved. Plus you can see him grabing around Renzos head and looking at his neck while he kneed it.Possibly Frank DQed himself so he wouldnt legitimently loose. Im definantly not saying this is what happend. Just something to think about. This fight was definantly odd and there are some unanswered questions.but the truth is only known by Frank and Renzo. Keep in mind I practice BJJ so I am biased towards Renzo.

Also I dont see why so many of you are saying "Frank would have won anyway" Renzo was basically taking Shammrock down at will and he may have not afflicted tons of damage on Frank but he was defiantly neutralizing him. Frank had no answer for Renzos ground game other than throughing illgeal knees.

The bottom line is Renzo got the win in a fight which looked like he was on his way to winning.

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