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Originally Posted by Calibretto9
Sounds like Renzo was tired and was taking the win no matter how he had to get it. Laugh out friggin' loud.
I can't believe so many of you are commenting on the fight when you haven't even seen it.

Renzo was controlling the entire fight. He took Frank down multiple times and once they were on the ground Renzo was dominating Frank. Renzo always kept a very tight side control and was starting to set things up (such as an armbar). However, showtime apparently has a rule that if you are not active enough on the ground then they start a 15 sec timer. After the 15 seconds are up the ref stands them back up. When this happened, it looked like Renzo might have been working towards an armbar. These rules were a huge advantage to Frank. Let me ask you this, where is the rule that says if there is not enough action in the stand up the ref can stop the fight and put both fighters on the ground? All of this talk about "Renzo was tired and about to go out" is rediculous. Anyone in this thread that has said that has just proven to everyone they know nothing about this fight. Renzo was ON TOP of Frank for almost the ENTIRE FIGHT.

First, what you guys need to understand is that there are many steps in BJJ. Even basic things like armbars require steps you must take for it to work. You can't just grab a guys hand and try to throw your legs around him. Renzo was being patient because he didn't want to let Frank get back up.

Second, what none of you seem to know is that if you have someone in side control you can take your knee (the one closest to your opponents head) and just slam it down on his head. However, the rules dont allow that. So if there was no "no knees to the head" rule, Renzo could have done a lot of damage to Frank if he wanted to.

but the gracie way is really falling by the wayside. they're all great fighters, but other fighters have not only caught up to them, they've surpased them in ability.
Wow. You couldn't be more wrong. This fight proved that the Gracie way still works just like it did years ago. I have already said this, but for the slow learners, Renzo closed the distance, took Frank down multiple times. Once they were on the ground Frank had no chance of getting up. All he could do was knee Renzo to the body and head. He couldn't get back to half guard, he couldn't go belly down and grab both of Renzo's leg to get out of side control, he couldn't do ANYTHING. If they were actually allowed to keep the fight on the ground then Renzo would have probably gotten a submission.

You guys do know that one of the times Frank was on his back he actually looked up at the ref as if to say "Renzo is being active, please help me and stand the fight back up." That isn't a sign of a fighter who is about to win. That is a sign of a fighter who doesn't have a good enough ground game to get back to his feet and he wants the refs help. Renzo wasn't inactive, Frank was. This is happening more and more in MMA now. Fighters learn just enough BJJ to be able to defend a little bit. Once the fights hits the ground they do everything they can to stall. All they try to do is stall long enough so the fight can be stood back up. Frank was the one stalling.

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