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Originally Posted by Damone
David just doesn't give a shit anymore. I really think the Franklin fight has scarred him for life. Seriously, Loiseau needs to just go away, and stop fighting. He's wasted talent.

It's sad to think that this was the same guy who fought at UFC 53.
Amen to that. He just seems so scared and hesitant to get back in the saddle. He'll have his flurries here and there, but then he just lapses back into complete survival mode. I can understand after the beating he took that he would be hesitant. But, if you're a professional fighter, you have to move past that man. You have to be mentally strong and to want it. Nowadays, he just seems to be there to collect a paycheck. I was getting pretty agitated during his fight last night. But in a way, you have to feel bad for him. As soon as that final round ended, he just looked like a beaten man. You could see in his eyes and body that he knows that his career is pretty much over.

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