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Confidence and doubt

Hey everyone.
I see alot of fighters from my gym and others come out of fights totally happy with their fights win or lose.
I am never happy even if i win i still doubt my performance and think about the things i could have and maybe should have done. Is it just me?

For example I just won a fight. Took him down but when i landed on mount he managed to roll me because my hands were still around his back. Went for an arm bar from guard and he slammed me to get out (desperation) then i swept him and took mount again. He rolled to expose his back and I tried 3 times to get the hooks in and choke him. On the third attempt I got the tap out,

Now this was a win for me but i still focus on the down sides of my game.

anyone else like that?

Its almost as if I like to be tapped out! lol
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