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People sure put a LOT of empasis and stock n points on take downs, renzo got shamrock down But after thet, He just Laid on top of him like a Dead Fish, Doing NOTHING!!!!

If anything herb dean, who IMO is awful, let that crap of renzo laying there and doing Zippo go on to Loooong,This is a herb thing along with sometimes stopping fights to fast...

Again IMO, people put to much stock in take downs, they mean a Lot more when you do something with them, but taking someone down and then just laying there on top of your opponent and Doing Sh**, Squat, nada, IS'NT winning IMO, Hell shamrock did more with his knees to the sides and back, then renzo did all fight, If laying on your opponent and not doing anything and eating up time is the way to win, then renzo won big time.

I'm no fan of either but IMHO shamrock won and this fight to me at least, is the FIRST MMA fight that my eyebrows were raised with, IE it seems Smelly!!!

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