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Punches to the lower ribs when abdominal muscles ae relaxed

My first post. Hope some fighters can help me with problem that i have. Basically i was hit -out of the blue twice- in the lower left ribs in the spleen (it was an attack attack, bullying). And as i didn't expect the punches my muscles were relaxed, but didn't even hurt as bad. After the punch i just sit on the chair and that guy did the same think to me once again, i was in shock just sitting with open mouth. After a 3 months still hurts although under my ribs.

I've been reading arcticles about how to take a puch and almost everone say that you have to tighten abdominal muscels to protect vital organs. Well i did't, got punches in the ribs and felt much pain.

Do guys, during the fights always keep their abdominal muscles tigtened?

What i am concerned is that the ribs bent and internal organs got injured instead of ribs. I didn't go to doctor but i will. I suppose that lower ribs bent in case of punch.

Anyone can comment on this? I'm not a fighter, never fought in my life.
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