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Originally Posted by Ghizman
***Re-Post from another thread***

Awesome card. the prelims online were good too. who the f*ck was that retard running around with the mic in the prelims? Krazy Horse came in an KO Noons with a huge right. Very impessive. Carrano kicked some ass. The Crow just looked like he's not in it anymore, it's really depressing as I was rooting for him. Props to "Smokin" Joe Villasenor, he dominated. My favorite fight was Bigfoot Silva VS Cabbage. WOW! 6'4" 298lbs throwing flying knees?! I was utterly amazed and in awe. Nobody has put Cabbage down like that, and that says A LOT. I know Cabbage is a giant punching bag but they guy is as tough as anyone and NEVER an I'll say it again NEVER gets KO'ed like that.

Now Gracie vs Shamrock. Where do I start? Shamrock is a classlees pr*ck. He intentionally kneed a downed opponent in the head. Neck, back of the head, it wouldn't have mattered if he got caught flush in the jaw. Illegal move is an illegal move. Then he says that he was winning the fight and Gracie was 30 seconds from being KO'ed? (quoted from his post-fight video interview on sh* Come on now. Gracie was doing his thing and definitley winning the fight without a shadow of a doubt to any MMA fan. (BTW the stand-up in round 1 was bullsh*t, Gracie had his knee on Shamrock's belly either looking to mount or for an armbar) Shamrock knew he was losing I guarantee it. To say that Gracie took the easy way out is bullsh*t. His neck could be serously hurt. They put a neck brace on him for christ's sake! He took it off because of pride. At the end of the broadcast you can hear Gracie tell the EMT woman that he wouldn't get on the stretcher, no way. The man could have major neck problems. When Glazer was talking to Shamrock in the ring was I the only one that wanted someone to just kick what I think was Shamrock's wife in head? What a stupid b*tch. You can hear her call Gracie a "*****" in the background and that he "wussed out". I was just waiting for Cesar Gracie to cheap shot Frank and I woulda cheered him on. Shamrock is a classless pr*ck and nowhere near as good as he says he is and everyone now knows it.
Krazy Horse, Villasenor, & Silva impressed me a lot. Yea, Villasenor & Silva were taking on a gun shy Loiseau & current Cabbage, but they still looked awesome. Krazy Horse was fantastic in there. KO'ing Noons(Who smack talked big time pre-fight), and cutting an awesome post-fight promo. Krazy Horse is back, y'all. Hellz yea.

Frank and his wife were made for each other. No wonder Ken hasn't associated himself with Frank in almost a decade.

I was hoping for some crazy Renzo, but no go. I wanted to see Renzo kick Frank in the face like he did to Marquardt. Sadly, that did not happen. Shamrock's wife, classless as ever, has the gall to say that Renzo "wussed out". Yea, you can keep that piece of filth, Frank.

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