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Mon 3-22: lifted bi's and tri's, kickboxing, then point sparring. Achilles needs a lot of ice today but it was worth it. I could feel that I'd worked my lungs very hard, which I love, but I didn't have to lie down and say "No mas" until after we were done. (Sometimes it happens during the second or third from last round LOL).
Tue: Shotokan (see above), kata class.
Wed: MMA standup, which is essentially like kickboxing. Grappling, I got sent over with the other women, who weren't doing anything. LAME
Thur: judo, learned uke goshi
Fri: Shotokan, then boxed a few rounds in the cage.
Sat: MMA standup. Two guys ran the class and it was a nice, relaxed, but still efficient class, nobody getting pissed off at you if you have to run to the bathroom.
Sun: rested

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