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Originally Posted by Patrick3 View Post
My first post. Hope some fighters can help me with problem that i have. Basically i was hit -out of the blue twice- in the lower left ribs in the spleen (it was an attack attack, bullying). And as i didn't expect the punches my muscles were relaxed, but didn't even hurt as bad. After the punch i just sit on the chair and that guy did the same think to me once again, i was in shock just sitting with open mouth. After a 3 months still hurts although under my ribs.

I've been reading arcticles about how to take a puch and almost everone say that you have to tighten abdominal muscels to protect vital organs. Well i did't, got punches in the ribs and felt much pain.

Do guys, during the fights always keep their abdominal muscles tigtened?

What i am concerned is that the ribs bent and internal organs got injured instead of ribs. I didn't go to doctor but i will. I suppose that lower ribs bent in case of punch.

Anyone can comment on this? I'm not a fighter, never fought in my life.
Well important to note is bone doesn't bend, its too rigid., It breaks. And you would know if it broke, you would have difficulty breathing and the pain would have been significant and wouldn't have ebbed at all, it would have gotten worse over time. As for damaging the organs. If he punched you and it torn open your spleen, you'd likely be dead or in the hospital. The spleen is very vascular (full of blood) and there is no such thing as an unconsequetial spleen bleed. Honestly, it sounds like a bruise to the bone or deep tissue in the muscles.

Note: I know this because I work for and Ambulance company, I am an EMT.

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