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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
How exactly do you roll and learn subs without a teacher?
get your girlfriend or any other kind of non-homophobic friend to let you try to submit and teach them to sumbit you. It sounds stupid but it will def help you get the basics down. Just watching videos and trying to get a technique on your friend can help more than youd think. On another note ive been boxing for 6 years and while it is helpful(esp the foot work, head movement, ab workouts, etc) i had to forget a lot of what i know. Just adding kicks into the game you have to rearrangege the way your brain works, then add take downs, clinch work, wresstling etc. Honestly the best advice i can give is try to find a "no-gi grappling" class somewhere, you can goto one for free usually even. one lesson will be enough so you can get the basics down and pratice with a friend. I learned some decent subs and sub defence just wrestling around with a friend in my living room
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