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Strange bug when writing forum posts.

I don't know if I'm the only one that has been experiencing this lately, but it's been like this for about a week.

When i go to write a new post, the message window is grey and not white, and there's no cursor. I can write, but I can not move the ivisible cursor inside the window, only continue writing from the end of my text.The only way to edit my text is to backspace all the way to the word I want to edit and then re write everyting. Also, if I write something in bold and then turn off bold, everything I've written in bold disappears.

Btw, the title window is normal: It's white and there's a cursor.

Edit: Oh yeah and btw I tried posting in some other web forums and they work normally, it's only on this forum I'm experiencing this. Also, as you can see, when I edit my message after posting it, I can use bold and italic, and there's also a cursor.

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