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All in all Frank shamrock is a classes pr*ck!! Whether you were rooting for Shamrock or Gracie, whether you thought Frank or Renzo was winning, knees to the head of a downed opponent is illegal. Mauro Ranallo was confused on the rules. In the United States, knees or kicks to a downed opponents head are illegal. Whether on top or bottom, if one of your knees is even slightly touching the mat you can't be struck in the head by a knee or kick. Herb Dean made the absolute correct call. Anyone who has seen a grappling match or knows ANYTHING absolutely ANYTHING about BJJ knew Renzo was in control of the entire match.

I don't remember anyone saying Royce Gracie employed a "Lay 'n' Pray" in the early UFC's. In a 60 minute round he would lay upon other fighters or have them in his guard for 30 minutes at a time. But oh ya, he was a badass no "lay n pray" there. Where's the difference? Renzo can snap peoples arm and choke guys tice his size out if you give hi 60 minutes on the ground. It's sad that Royce was a badass for his BJJ and when people employ it as good or better than him they get zero respect becuse they don't stand and get beat up like Cabbage. Enough said.
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