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Originally Posted by mma1357

I just watched the fight again and noticed something very important. Frank had his arm around Renzo's head and was pulling his head towards him, after he would pull Renzo's head he would then move his arm completely out of the way and then knee Renzo in the same spot his arm used to be. He did this twice. He would pull his head, move his arm and then knee Renzo. If Frank didn't know where his knees were landing and was just "fighting" then how did he know to move his arm away from Renzo's head right before his knee would hit Renzo?
you just hit the nail right on the head........frank dirty period,,they should ban his ass......he is a legend in his own mind..........he talks like he invented this shit,,wtf is up with that??? old man gracie was subin guys and frank s father wasnt even born yet for christ sakes......what a ****en tool.........
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