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Originally Posted by 2dmax
what do you mean he didnt know where the knees were landing...if you watched the fight shamrock had his hand right along side gracies head,,his knees were hitting right where his hand was...........he knew damn well where his hand was........i hope that loud mouth does fight baroni,,baroni will shut it once and for all......shamrock has no ****en class............
BRAVO, BRAVO!!! Frank's arm was right where the knees landed. he pulled his arm away when he struck with the knees. Intentional knees to the head. i think Frank got caught in the moment and threw the illegal knees not thinking about the rules. he was out of his gameplan, renzo was doing his thing, not dominating but winning both rounds. I've been bashing Frank since the fight last nite really hard. Mainly because what he said afterwards, not the fight itself. He should've been a man about things and apologized for the illegal knees, then and only then should he have been hyping the re-match, after it all was said and done. but disrespecting the sport by unacknowledging the rules? come one someone said in this or an earlier thread we all now know why Ken and your adopted father (the one that saved him from a life of failure and ultimately maybe prison) has disassociated himself from you for ten years. Least Ken acknowledged to Tito after there third fight that they 'made alot of money together'. ddn't run his mouth like a punk b*tch. hope someones punches your wife in the ovaries frank
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