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Originally Posted by IronMan
Here's my suggested routine, but it really depends on what your conditioning is like already already.

Monday: Cardio
5 mile run, outside is best
20 minutes of jumping rope taking a 30 second break every five minutes
20 minutes of kickboxing against a bag (just to work some actual combat training into conditioning workouts)
15 windmill sprints (run in 3 sets of 5, taking a 60 second break to see how fast your pulse can come down)
Stand-up, full pace sparring (I do straight boxing sparring, but with five minute rounds to simulate an MMA fight)
Cooldown jog, 1 mile

Wednesday: Strength Training
3 sets of 12 Overheadpress
3 sets of 12 Benchpress
3 sets of 12 Straight leg press
3 sets of 12 calfpress
Push-ups, with or without a weight-vest, depending on your conditioning
3 sets of 12 curls
note: the order for these is adjustable, I tend to do upperbody first and then lowerbody

Friday: Cardio
Same as monday
to get a better effect.. alternate.. one week do tw odays cardio and one lifting then reverse it the next week..

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