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Muay Thai Biatch

its unfortunate that you can't hit hard with your hands but i still think you can kick ass without em. Ya you could let everyone know about the condition and they will think twice about fighting you but that wont necesarily always work. In which case i found a few vids on muay thai which incorporates powerful elbows and knees. If you've watched the Anderson Silva VS. Rich Franklin fight you know what i mean. The first part of this clip tells you about the Muay Thai clinch which is essential (iam not sure if they mention this, but you should always keep you elbows close together when you have someone in the clinch because it protects from uppercuts and makes it harder for them to break the clinch). EDIT: you have that heres a vid that shows you how to start throwin knees from the clinch MUAY THAI TECHNIQUES: STABBING KNEE (STRAIGHT KNEE STRIKE) THAIBOXING - Google Video . If your more interested in bringin your opponent to the ground heres a vid showin a good way to accomplish that, YouTube - Muay Thai MMA Technique #6 if you are doing that technique watch out for a knee when going in for the takedown, however if you opponent is untrained that shouldn't be much of a problem. Heres a great technique that i know works, YouTube - Muay Thai Technique #4 looks pretty cool when you do it too. And of course... throwin some bows! YouTube - The Art of muay thai- Elbows obviously you can't master these techniques from watchin the vids but hopefully you'll learn somethin that will help next time you HAVE TO get into a fight.

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