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Originally Posted by daman5
there are 2 things very disapointing in this fight.

Herb gave notice to Frank after the 1st shot to the back of the neck that he shouldn't do that.. and then Frank did it again, so that deserves the DQ jsut for that!!

Second, Renzo said that he was willing to take this fight to a new level.. bla bla bla, this didn't look like a new level to me, it actually looked like a liar... he knows he was fine, and could have continued, but as the manager of Gracie said, "this is why we have rules, if we didn't have them we would have hair pulling and BITING!!!" thats what he said!!! WHAT?!?!

So again, theres 2 sides to this coin, Frank disrepected the Refs warning, and did what he did almost right after he was warned, but Gracie LOOKED at the ref and put his had up ... like saying "common ref hes not allowed to do this".. and then put his hand back down and then a split second later he layed back not wanting to continue. So Frank came to fight, and Renzo came for the money.

And BOTH lost their pride of the families!! hahah
After Frank hits Renzo on the back of his head, you can hear Renzo say "F*ck, man?". Frank keeps on doing it.

Renzo is a crazy dude, who happens to be nice as all hell. Renzo kicked Marquardt in the face after Marquardt hit Almeida. Then, Renzo goes over and is all nicey nice to Nate. Renzo rules.

YouTube - Renzo Gracie kicks Marquardt in the face

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