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Originally Posted by moe1428 View Post
Hey guys.

I'm trying to understand more about the MMA industry. If you got the time and the patients, please help me with a few things...
More than happy to man! Welcome to the forum!

So MMA is the industry. What percentage of the industry do you think UFC makes up? What other organizations are worth mentioning?
If you're talking about marketshare, I'd be willing ot bet UFC makes up probably 90% or more of it. There are others worth mentioning though as quite a few have cropped up recently.

Sengoku: Japanese MMA victory (Also known as World Victory Road)

DREAM: Pretty much the new PRIDE, A lot of tournament format bouts and some seriously high level competition.

Strike Force: UFC's biggest rival, even if that's not saying much. Shown on Showtime and CBS. Good crop of fighters, high level.

WEC: Dana White's (president of the UFC) MMA organization. Incorporates lower weight classes, I believe 135, 145 and 155. Excellent level of compeition.

Bellator: Seasonal Tournament format with some really high level dudes. Great organization.

Those are the main ones, other people can post ones I've missed.

If there is a major organization outside the UFC that makes up this industry, please include that organization in the following questions if you could.

Would you include boxing in this industry? My first thought is no...
No, I wouldn't. While they're both similar in that they're combat sports that's generally where it ends. Boxing CAN pull PPV ratings from MMA and vice versa, but MMA is starting to grab the reigns of power there so I think you'll see a paradigm shift in the very near future so boxing will stop trying to rival MMA's PPV showings and there will be a bigger divide between the two.

How many fighters are relatively popular or at least known? For example in MLB there are 780 players each year in the MLB, about 200 are actually known by those who follow baseball.
That's a really tough question TBH. In the UFC there are probably 50-60 fighters that are well known, in MMA it's fairly hard to judge as there are so many different organizations and there are different fans. There are the hardcore fans (most of us here) that can tell you almost every fighter in the UFC and his fight style, then there are casual fans who know who Chuck is and it ends there.

How often are there events? Once a week, month, ect...
Honestly it depends. There have been 4 UFC evens in the past and coming 20 days. It used to be the standard to have one a month, now it's becoming standard for 2 a month with some free events (Ultimate Fight Night in the case of the UFC) thrown in. Places like Strike Force and DREAM tend to be a bit more spread out. From what I've seen SF will hold an event every three months and DREAM is around there too.

How many fighters participate in each event?
UFC Standard is 5 Main card bouts and 6 Under Card bouts, so ~22 give or take depending on injuries and the amount of fights. There were 20 fighters at UFC 111.

How often would each of those popular fighters in the above question fight in a single year?

Does anyone play fantasy UFC? If so, what website do you use?
Yes, THIS ONE! We have our own FFL and a Pick 'Em leagues along with a vBookie. Have to be a Gold member ($10 for a life time is worth it, trust me) to participate though.

Thanks for helping a newb out. I appreciate your time!
Not a problem man, welcome to the board and enjoy your stay!
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