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Originally Posted by dandaman208 View Post

Just wondering what you guys think about this:

When I have to train alone at home, I really can only use a heavy bag. I have one of those half size ones, not a full head to toe one. Its connected by the usual ropes/buckles to a brace on my wall. It swings rather easily and this can make it hard to do repetition exercises or combos. Is it better to let it swing, or to fix it so that it doesn't move? If you say to fix it still, then HOW do you do that also?

When I use my heavy bag at home, and the ones in my club I let them swing and use it to move around and practice my footwork. No opponent is going to stand infront of you and let you work your combos. If you find it's swinging too much for you to land anything constructive then steady it by meeting it at the bottom of its swing with some punches/kicks/knees and make it stop that way.

Hope that helps.
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