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Originally Posted by North View Post
Kung Fu is a broad term for Chinese martial arts
Just as Karate is a broad term for generally Japanese/Okinawan martial arts.

Saying, "I could go try Kung Fu!" is not unlike saying, "I could go try an American martial art!"

If you knew specifically what styles of Kung Fu were being taught in your area, I could probably discuss those a bit, or at least give you what information I know of them.

G-Land has a great point though. If you don't enjoy training in that particular art at that particular place, you're not going to stick with it, and if you do force yourself to stick with it, you probably won't really excel with it.

I could go train BJJ. It'd be a great addition to my skills, especially ground skills. But I don't learn BJJ, because I'm simply not interested in that art, nor really all that interested in ground fighting.

Also, size is relatively irrelevant, y'know? There's weight classes for a reason.

Although I suppose that leads into the curious question of, are you training to actually compete, or for self defense, or both?
Man how ignorant do I feel now? Haha! Excuse the spelling but I think my local Kung Fu class teaches a style called Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan.

I have been thinking of going to do some boxing as opposed to kickboxing because I've always enjoyed it. Kickboxing never really sat well with me, not sure why but I still do alot of it...just don't want to do even more you know?

I understand, I really like BJJ and I am much better on the ground than standing up which is why I'm looking to improve.

I know weight classes make it easier but even so, maybe I'm unlucky. All of the boys in my club that are good kickboxers are tall and slim. I'm short and stocky, nobody taller than 5"8 is worried about getting kicked in the head my me haha!

I am training to compete, I was supposed to have my first Grapple and Strike Tournament a month ago but I was injured in training (Gutted!) but I will compete in the next one. The self defense aspect comes with MMA as an added bonus for me. I did a 6 week Krav Maga boot camp which solved the self defense issue pretty well.

Thanks for replying
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