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Originally Posted by light
I usually only watch UFC and Pride. EliteXC card was quite good. Production was good. Having a PRO wrestler commentate was kinda troubling but he made it clear that what he did before was fake. The girls outfits were great too esp standing in the backgorund.

UFC could take a lesson.

Dragon entrance was lame.

It was pretty good for a first show but they'll need to improve a lot. Let me say also refering to other organizations - there only hope -- actually made them SEEM more professional. Unlike the UFC which has a forbidden words list but then the commentator refering to pro wrestling in relationship to MMA kinda detracted from whatever that lent them.

They dont have the best fighters but there were some interesting matchups. Yeah, it was good but they have to be watched to make sure they dont turn it into a pro wrestling stunt. But so far they get a pass from me.
this i do agree with... their recognition of the other organizations was a show of class. to ignore them, like the UFC does is silly and disrespectful to the fans, the fighters and the sport--and it's history. PRIDE announcers acknowledge the UFC from time to time--when it makes sense to. But at least Showtime talked about them often, creating a more broad MMA community among those new to the sport. If anything, that was their best piece of work... now they need to get rid of that standup counter...

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