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Been a while. Been feeling down on myself and haven't been hitting it really that much at all. I suspect my broken toe had a lot to do with my self-loathing over the past couple weeks.

I haven't been eating well. Not horribly like before, but not good at all. However today I broke with my new hopes of healthy eating and had a baconater from wendy's for lunch. Ate a couple (3) slices of pizza for dinner.

Last night was the first time I was hitting the bag hard again. Did a 25 Drill with everything. Lead right roundhouses were pretty solid and close to max power...but the rear right leg roundhouses had to be at much less power due to the broken toe that has not fully healed yet.

Tonight I ran a fair distance, it remains unknown but I ran almost all of it(except fat kid breakdown moments) and it took around 25 minutes to do it. I had a joking conversation today with a buddy of mine who trains as well about running till you yack. And to my credit, the first time I've run hard since fall, and I yacked on the ground in front of me...and didn't even break stride! I gotta say watching my spew all over the ground in front of me, and still pushing threw it felt great!

With my bettering foot, I hope to regain my Shotokan and hit the bag with full ferocity by the beginning of next week. Heres hoping right!
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