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Originally Posted by TheSuplexor View Post
They lost because muay thai is better. kung fu is to spiritual and unrealistic.
You do know that in MT fights in Thailand, fighters come out in headdresses and dance around the ring shaking some type of maraka looking things before fighting right?

Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
For fighting MT is way better. Not saying its a better martial art, but as for defending yourself hands down only an idiot would say kung fu is as effective as MT.

Of course it depends on the person, but assuming two equally capable persons learning each art the person in MT has massive advantages against the Kung Fu student in a real fight.
I would have to disagree. My regular sparring partner does Northern Shaolin, and the estimate is that about 60-70% of what he's taught can't be used in the cage because they are techniques designed to strike at the vital point on the body.

Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
If you just said that Kung Fu is unrealistic, you need to do your homework, doubleleg. Kazushi "the Gracie Killer" Sakuraba is a wing chun expert, which is, coincidentally, a form of kung fu.

Judge the fighter, not the system. If any one system was better, then all of it's fighters would be too, but that's not the case. The fact of the matter is that the five kung fu experts were not really that good and the muay thai experts were experienced street fighters.

It's a good story, but it's not a basis for saying that Muay Thai is a superior art.
Few people seem to know this. Or know that there is more to Kung Fu than Northern Shaolin, which in and of itself is an umbrella art for dozens of various derivations of Shaolin depending on the lineage of the art and its instructor.

My personal belief is a solid Kung Fu practitioner who's crosstrained has as much of a shot at MMA glory as anyone else.

Originally Posted by Cyclist View Post
Its pretty simple.

Most kung fu schools do not train at the level modern day MMA and Muay Thai train. Its the reason why I left my Kung Fu school.

I love doing Wing Chun, but I spent the last year watching my school water it down. We used to get our asses kicked in there, it was brutal. Now people complain every time you give them a tap on the face to let them know they got hit. Any because my sifu wants to keep business up, he favors "playing kung fu" over actually do it.

Seriously, how do you expect these guys to hang with muay thai guys? When I think Muay Thai practitioners, I think of some of the most fit athletes. When I think of you average kung fu guy, I think of some out of shape yuppie.

So I would agree that most Muay Thai guys will best the majority of Kung Fu guys. I have only met five people who really do kung fu, even these "Masters" are only "playing" kung fu.
Well obviously you went to a kung fu McDojo. Sorry, they all kind of suck, didn't know there were Kung Fu versions though. I would hate it if that happened to my school. I think a solid Kung Fu practitioner could hang with an equally educated MT practitioner. Its not the arts, its the artists, regardless of how you percieve an art.

As for the OP. This discussion has been done to death four-hundred-billion-trillion times. Its not the art its the artist. That phrase has become so cliche!

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