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Burpees (5x3 minute rounds, 1 min rest)
1 - 31
2 - 26
3 - 23
4 - 23
5 - 22
Total - 125

One more than last week

BJJ, guard pass technique, guard pass drills, advanced technique was escapes. Triangle escape is grabbing the knee with both hands, step out on the knees side and drive to the mat, make space and sneak a hand in and drive it through. Standing guillotine escape, nearest hand grabs wrist attacking the throat, other hand reaches over their shoulder and grabs gi at the upper back to relieve pressure. Step around to the side opposite your head, get your one leg behind theirs and knee at the back of their knee to drive them to the mat in side control...just a matter of muscling your head out from there. Then did turtle escape with two hooks in.

Lots of good rolls...some back and forth and finished the round mounted on a blue, finished a round with back mount on a purple and pulled off one of the new sweeps I learned. Had a great positional battle (had his back for a moment) and threatened some armbars with a brown but ended on the bottom of half guard. Tapped a white belt with a kimura from reverse mount, americana, ezekiel, arm triangle.

I drained my ear on sunday but I may have to do it again next weekend, especially if it gets alot of irritation all week... it seems to be disfiguring a bit.

Good class, tomorrow afternoon I'm going to the other gym for heavy sparring with the pros. Gonna be a tough day. We'll see if I can make it that evening back home too.
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