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Mon 4-05: partner pad work, pushups, situps, the pad work was awesome since we were able to use our own combinations and then go live toward the end of class, then point sparring drills and sparring, which made me sick to my stomach but was super fun.
Tue: 50 min. elliptical. At 5 it'll either be Shotokan or further cardio and lifting, depending on how patient I'm feeling.
Wed: MMA combination. Pad work/bag work/plyo (stations) then drilled 2 escapes from side control, sweep, guard, side mount (flow drill)
Thur: Just like Wednesday except not quite as intense with regard to cardio.
Fri: Shotokan. I learned the first katana kata and we're learning the first open hand kata. This is a new class at my dojo so we're all white belts.
Sat: rested. Belt test tomorrow at 9 AM.
Sun: Belt test was pushups, situps, striking, kicking and blocking drills, and two kata. It wasn't the Lou Gossett Jr. craziness I had been led to believe, but it was only a yellow belt test. I came back and took MMA combination class, which was bag work, live partner standup drills, and then some grappling. I learned a few new things and hopefully I'll remember them.

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