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Out of the haze April 6 2010

well its been a while since i wrote in this thing.

ive been training.

In about late feb i dropped back down to vancouver and im back with jeromes at perfection kickboxing.!/g...3774781&ref=ts

after 5 years of training. I stared when i was 8....(k been off and on a bit...not last 3 months lol) i got my black belt in American Free Style Kickboxing.

Me and my friend Jag (3-0) who i knew from old perfection got his on the same day, then about a week later my friend Tylor got his. I knew when i was like in grade 1. He a cool guy

so as far as ever knew jerome never taught a black belt and now he had 3 at the age of 48. Ive become almost a full time teacher....with a little more money we can buy the space next to us and have a full gym.

Right now its just some opens space we share with samurai fighters

as for me ive been going pretty hard. on a super protin diet to get bigger but i got sick and i have alot of trouble getting bigger....i was 140.2 in my ive got a long ways to go before my body can naturaly catch up...

i love to kick... workin lots of bas rutten tapes at home and going kickboxing every week night...i train about 4 hour a day at the least. Cardio has been amazing since drop back down to sea level, very strong, kicking and punching with power and keepin the hands up. And fightin a 9th degree black belt gets u alright in the stand up.

and jerome brought in an mma guy who know nothing of stand up but seems to get the ground thats nice. Ive been rockin the ground work ever since i went up north to iron rhino and learn some proper groung with clint. The guy helped wand at one point.

Well in 2 month im gunna do the Can am west coast champion ship and clean house. Im gunna do four events on one day and maybe SanShou On saturday for kicks. But on sunday its MMA, Kickboxing, Pankration, Grappling No Gi that i wanna do. It will cost me 100 dollers all togther but if i can't win this I can't fight for money....Not yet

Today im doing weighted tri pumps and push ups...right now

people say either the world will end at 2012 or the aliens will finnally come back to us.....

i hope not cuz im writing a sci fi novel
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