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ehhh i think he didn't want to judge the way you're built as being a small dude for 215 lb, he was probably refering to something like "you did well for a smaller dude" (compared to his size, not yours) ... get the point? he's 250 and you're 215 and that's alot of difference in any sport and if you did good no doubt the guy will give you a compliment (unless he's a douchebag lol) and i think that's what this is all about, a big misunderstanding...and no offense dude but i don't think you should get upset over things like that even if he did mean the bad way which i don't think he did, you shouldn't react like you did..i would understand an attitude like that from a kid but you're a grown man so it's kinda dumb to worry about pointless things like that or you gonna have weak mind forever which aint good in any way, not for you and not for people near you..just let it go next time cus you know, if everyone would care about that kind of tiny problems so much we would kill eachother long time ago hehe...peace n luv!
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