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MMA Nutrition and training

Alright, for starters I am 170 punds, 5'9 about 13%bf. I train Kickboxing and BJJ. Anyways my goal is to gain muscle, loose weight, and be in best shape for MMA.
I know the basics of nutrition such as eat 5-6 times a day. High protein, healthy fat and most slow digestive carbs in the morning and fast digestive post workout. But how many calories should I eat a day and any good ideas for pre/post workout.
What type of workout should I do in order to gain weight,loose muscle and be in great shape for MMA. I know HIT is great for loosing weight and improving cardio but should I be doing Body-Building workouts on the days that I don't do MMA and if so is that giving my body enough time to recover.
(If there is a website can you post the link)
Thanks in advance
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