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Vercingetorix was a BITCH to figure out. Tortoise saves all The main story line ending is beautiful. Really enjoyed it, and probably the best Cinematic in a game I've ever seen.

Main storyline boss can be a pain due to one of it's attacks, but a couple Cherub Crowns on main character sort that out. I much prefered the Barthandelus battles, the music and voice overs made the fights very atmospheric.

Treasure hunter tip - Farm the Traps (when I was doing it I got 4 Trapezohedron's in a row, lucky as hell) and Dark Matters from Adamantortoises and Shaolong Guis (probably the hardest enemy in the game imo, bay is over powered haha) then save. Sell everything that doesn't need upgrading and you should have enough gold to get it all.

Weapon/accessory wise I had (just for farming, items chage alot for bosses/hard enemies)

Fang with a Kains Lance (upgraded from a Pandorean for added debuff) 2 Power gloves maxed to +250 strength, 1 Kaiser Knuckle to 300 strength and a Genji Glove.
Lightening with Omega Weapon (upgraded from Lionheart for instant stagger) with two Power Gloves, Genji Glove (for aggression/cerebus paradigms) and a Weirding Glyph.
Hope with Nue (upgraded from Hawkeye, not the best decision) Collectors Catalogue, Connoisseur Catalog, Magistral Crest and a Wurtzite Bangle.

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