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Thinking of leaving my gym...(advice)


Hi guys, I've been at my MMA club for about 6 months now going 3-4 times per week. The thing is I've now reached the point that I need to step it up a level from the sessions that we do.

Our sessions under our head coach are always the same or similar and there are no new ideas or techniques coming in. Coach is a kickboxer who is only a learner in BJJ himself so I'm not comfortable learning from him (he couldn't sub me out when demonstrating an armbar last week because he hasn't got the technique right). We have a grappling coach in once per week and he's good but that's not enough when I train 3-4 times.

All of his stand up work is kickboxing, no Muay Thai, no straight boxing, nothing like that and I really don't like kickboxing! I'm left de-motivated when I know we're going to be doing stand up work.

Also his sessions either aren't challenging at all or if he's in a mood he pushes you and pushes you until you physically can't do any more. One guy passed out from working so hard when coach was pissed off about something.

I'm planning to join the Army once I graduate from Uni so I have been thinking of getting in to a bit of amateur boxing because I'm told they like boxers. I do really enjoy boxing personally, I did a bit of training in a boot camp sort of thing last summer. There's a good boxing gym not far from where I live but I'd have to miss sessions in MMA to go. There are BJJ sessions nearby too which I could make it to... my question really is thus: Do I stay at my gym, box whenever I can and get on with it?


Do I leave my gym, do BJJ twice per week and Box twice per week...sort of go for pure styles rather than mixing it up a bit in one club?

Anybody that read all this crap deserves a medal but I haven't got any spare so my thanks will have to do. Any advice will be appreciated!
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