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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
You guys know the trick behind getting multipliers for XP right? I ended up going from level ~3 to 18 in one go on my Axis Blade...

Also, is there a good place to Gil farm? Because right now I have like 26 Gil because I for one reason or another NEVER get Gil.... from anything... ever. So lost :O
Yeah, you use 'monster' items to boost up the multiplier bonus. The levels get steaper after the 1st tier though, and the catalysts more expensive. The R and D store is expensive, but their particle accelerators are amazing, that's all I used to mass upgrade.

The first 20 or so hours of the game holds your hand alot, so you'll be used to it by the time the battles start getting tougher (By that I mean you actually have to use the paradigm system and alter your 'deck' to suit the enemies)

Apart from the end boss's one hit death attack, and the 2nd Bathandelus fight (try it without a Sab, it's incredibly hard) the story line wasn't really hard. And once you work out what paradigms you need in your deck to defeat harder enemies it becomes relativly easy. Go in with the wrong selection and you're toast though.

If you've never played a FF before, this isn't the best at all, and the linear game play style can be off putting. I'd reccomend it to anyone though. If you don't mind linear, and can get through the first 20 hours (personally I loved it, but alot of people didn't) you're in for a treat.

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