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Originally Posted by kriegster
Well, UFC will probably change, but you have to think about it relatively. Think about how far the UFC has come from UFC 1, which was cut off because it ran over, to now. But certaintly the UFC will change, most likely the biggest change I can see would be added weight classes. I don't see the UFC making any huge changes tho like it has in it's past, and I think that it has a big fan base, including tons of celebrities. But as far as the UFC goes, it's definitly off the ground. That happened when it was bought out by Zuffa.
What I am talking about being still in development is that they are not happy with their fan base as it is now. They want more, as for as the UFC not making anymore huge changes, that is crazy if you think that. I imagine that Dana's dream would be to out do every sporting event and sports entertainment show out there. Only way to do that is to make constant changes. UFC compared the NFL , NBA, MLB, or WWE is still on the ground level. They are moving up very rapidly ( developing ). I would love to see within the next couple of years UFC drive the WWE into the dirt. The WWE is a company that is off ground level. Campare the 2 and make judgment...
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