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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
I hear a lot of people say that hours of the beginning are boring and every new system that comes out, it seems that Final Fantasy gets a bit worse. 7 and 8 were awesome for the PS1. Then the PS2 came along and 10 was alright and 10-2 was absolutely terrible.
X is my favorite FF game ever soooo o.O

The first couple hours CAN be boring as it's much more just story driven but if you actually get into the story it's really not that bad. BTW, the story is fantastic. I think this is the first game that hasn't really had a main character as they all share about the same amount of screen time, back story videos and dialog etc. It's done really well and expands on the characters and their personalities much better than any past FF has done IMO.

The first hours of the game (and pretty much all of the sotry part of it) is heavily story driven and plays like you're playing a movie, which I actually liked a lot. I've always played the Final Fantasy games for the story first and the combat second.

Also, the combat system is pretty freakin' deep and tough to master. It's no longer about doing monotonous things like casting a few spells, healing, casting a few spells. It's more about timing and strategy now, more than ever, as ALL of the fights are harder due to the new HP system (You auto heal after every battle) so it makes it much more enthralling. As far as FF games go, this one is ranked #2 on my list right after X and tied with 8.
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