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Wow, I don't know what to say to this one...

Recently we've had some issues at our gym. One night we were training and someone noticed something on the mat...shit. We couldn't figure out who did it, but since then it's happened like 5 times. We've had to go as far as calling everyone over and making a speech about not shitting on the mat, which you would think grown ass men would know better...if you feel the urge go to the bathroom. I guess this is a little different though because this is actual chunks and not diarrhea so it's hard to say it's an accident.

I would wait some time and let it cool down and maybe try and go back. Truth be told I've been doing BJJ for a while and if you wait 6 months and go back most of the people that were there won't be by that time...It might be better to just find a new gym because if it's anything like my gym you'd end up with a most unfavorable nickname for life..

Originally Posted by xeberus View Post

that is hilarious, yea I wouldnt go back there either..

i did bjj for about 9 weeks, but i never got used to having guys touching me like that. just didn't like it (no homophobe)
Are you sure it's not that you DID like the way they were touching you and those feelings scared you? I can almost hear you now "I'm so confused...momma told me to like girls, but I've never been touched like this before"

Just messing with ya Xeb hahaha.

Just out of curiousity, how long had you been doing BJJ Prime Time?
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