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Originally Posted by Halfraq9 View Post
Time to go IMO. You have set goals for yourself and the current place is not helping you meet them. Its their problem if they don't understand why you need to leave.

Fighters switch up their trainers all the time in order to continue modifying their game. You want to spend more time on your ground game which they can't help you with. There is no reason you can't change gyms and drop by every now and again to maintain relations.

Stick with your goals. Good luck.
Thanks for the reply. It is important that I get some experience in amateur boxing as I've explained, for my career. So that aspect I don't think will be an issue.

The problem will be training with the Gracie club in my city, my coach hates the guy...but then again he has beef with a lot of coaches and promoters around here lol

I think I will alternate boxing twice and BJJ once, with BJJ twice and boxing once the following week to get a reasonable amount of training in each. But yeah I like the idea of dropping in for the odd session to keep up old ties, there are some great guys at the club so I wouldn't want to lose touch.

Thanks again for replying bro.
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